How I Catapulted Forward in my Health Journey: 5 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Progress in 2023

I’ve had my fair share of struggles over the last 10 years in my own health journey.

But instead of allowing them to set me back, I decided to take contrary action and it allowed me to catapult forward

Here’s the point:

I want YOU to learn how to do the same.

Here are 5 reasons you aren’t seeing progress on the scale in 2023:

1.You’re relying on motivation not discipline.

Motivation is an emotional response. It will never be linear with your goals. It’s a faulty way to pursue a fitness journey.

The reason why discipline is your KEY to SUCCESS is because discipline shows up when motivation can’t.

Instead, focus on your daily habits and getting really strong in the process, motivation will become a more consistent bi-product.

2. You’re allowing the scale to be your only justification for success.

The scale is not always going to reflect your hard work. There are many reasons for this. You can read more here.

If you weighed 10 lbs more than you do right now and had your dream body the number on the scale would be irrelevant.

Instead focus on your intuitive accomplishments, sleep improvements, how your clothes are fitting, your energy levels, relationship with food, strength increases, and your relationship with yourself. These wins matter more than a number given to you by a piece of plastic with some batteries.

3.You aren’t consistent in ONE process.

If you are jumping from diet to diet and coach to coach or program to program you aren’t giving your body time to really start reaping the benefits of the process.

Fitness is a marathon not a sprint and for most individuals this is a “years” process not a 90 day quick fix.

No matter what you choose to follow you have to be consistent day in and day out. You can’t only show up when you feel like it.

4.You are setting unrealistic expectations around your goals.

Our weight loss and mass building goals take time. We have to learn to get comfortable with the process of that journey.

That comes with understanding realistic expectations around reaching our goals. If your goal is weight loss .5-2 lbs a week is the normal range. If your goal is 20lbs of weight loss we figure about 20-25 weeks given you are consistent and compliant to the process.

In the real world, we factor life happening on life’s terms there being some speed bumps along the way. So we figure 30 weeks. That’s not what you want to hear, but I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. My job is to help you safely and sustainably reach your goals.

5.You aren’t willing to become a little inconvenienced in the beginning of your journey to find long term convenience.

The reality is, if your way worked you wouldn’t have read this far. So let’s put some solutions in place that will help you reach your goals and sustain them.

This comes with slight reform to your current routine that allows better preparation, time management, self awareness, and a foolproof plan that is molded to YOUR LIFE, not everyone else’s.

If you don’t feel a little inconvenienced in the beginning of your journey while you’re working out the kinks it might be a red flag.

My question to you is, are you ready to start taking action to create a more accessible lifestyle of health and fitness that you can sustain?


Are you willing to continue following dead end processes that are leaving you miserable and defeated?

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Sam Wallace

I am a fitness professional Located in Los Angeles, California. Fitness for me is not only a hobby, it changed my life.