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3 phase training approach

The SWF Method is a 3 phase training approach that focuses on Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Training. Each segment is broken into 3 phases and work together in unison so our clients are successful in creating a total lifestyle transformation.

Here’s what you can expect working with us:

Monthly customized meal plans to your food preferences.
Custom training programs for at home, gym or hybrid.
Accountability 1:1 coaching check in calls weekly.
Two group coaching calls a week.
Access to our private app.
Your training and nutrition goes where you go anytime anywhere.
Customized macros to you and your body by our team's registered dietitian.
24/7 support from our team of certified nutrition coaches, personal trainers and registered dietitian.

We specialize in helping you create and integrate balanced training and nutrition regimens while teaching you how to maintain your results long term. We do this by helping you create a lifestyle of health and fitness that is sustainable to your life - without another fad diet, bullshit supplement, or excessive training regimen ever again. This is your journey. We want you to enjoy the process. On average our clients begin to see results within the first 1- 4 weeks of starting their health journey with us.


Education through your nutrition journey is so important, and we aim to educate you throughout the entire process. We do this so you understand how to choose foods that support your goals - learning how to navigate everyday life with choices that leave you feeling confident! Curated meal plans are provided by our team's registered dietitian.


Whether you are training hard in a gym or working out from the comfort of your home, we have a workout plan for you. Our workouts are designed to your unique needs, limitations, and fitness goals. With our private app your workouts go where you go on your time and your schedule.


Accountability is at the forefront of what we do. You haven’t found long term success on your own and we believe we are stronger together. You will have the opportunity to access your coach 24/7 via text or call and attend weekly group coaching calls with others on the same journey. Also available to you is access to our private client community to share your wins and gain support, as well as weekly accountability 1:1 check in calls with your coach so you don’t have to navigate your health alone.


Finding a sustainable process is difficult and that’s where we come in to help develop your road map. We teach you how to sustain your results long term so you can finally break into the 10% of successful weight loss individuals without pursuing another restrictive diet ever again.

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