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Reform Fitness specializes in helping clients integrate balanced training and nutrition regimens into their lives. We understand that everyone’s lives look different, which means that each client's training, nutrition, and lifestyle regimen is unique to them.

We aim to help our clients discover what fitness needs to look like for them on a person by person basis. What works for you may not work for your sister and that’s okay! Your journey, goals, nutrition preferences, and life are uniquely yours. This is why we aim to help you create a lifestyle of fitness that compliments YOUR life.

Check out our client testimonials and success stories below.

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Anyone that has ever known me knows that I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve always been the guy with a shirt on in the pool, at the beach, water parks, etc. You would never in a million years see me with no shirt on because I was embarrassed. Yesterday was the first time I loved my body enough to be shirtless in public. These pictures are about two years apart. A huge shout out to @samwallacefitness @samwallacefit for giving me the tools to start getting myself into shape, building a healthy relationship with food and portion sizes, comfortable going back to the gym and the confidence to be there. If you have ever wanted to make a lifestyle change and nothing has worked and you struggle with your weight and loving your body there is no one else in the world I would recommend more. This process has been amazing but also very challenging at times and Sam has been there every step of the way for the ups, downs, wins, and losses. There is no doubt in my mind that without Sam there is no way I would have made it this far and absolutely no way I would ever have my shirt off in public. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do every day..

- Austyn F.


Sam has been the biggest blessing in my life. I’ve been working with her for a little over a month, and she has genuinely changed my mental and physical health in a way I never thought someone could. She has pushed me to be the absolute best version of myself. When I first started, my mentality about myself, food, and my body was detrimental to my mind. She has changed the way I think of food, myself, and how I view my body every day. She has helped me get to my absolute lowest weight yet but in a healthy way. She has never taken away the food I enjoy, but She makes my food plans based on what I’m craving and makes them healthy. She also gives you 3 templates to choose from, so you aren’t eating the Same chicken, rice, and broccoli every day to become healthy. She also is more than a nutritionist or coach, she is a friend and treats you like family. She isn’t in this business for the money, like most health coaches, she is genuinely here to change your life. She builds this program around you and your body type, you’re never doing something someone else is doing. I appreciate her and I’m super blessed to have someone like her on my side! I highly suggest working with Sam you won’t regret it!

- Jamie Sugimoto


Before I had Sam as my coach I honestly thought I was doing pretty good I was going to the gym 5x a week and I was eating pretty clean. Now looking back I can see I was just doing the bare minimum and that’s why I wasn’t seeing any results. I would work so hard and wonder why I couldn’t lose any weight. I was 15 lbs over my pre baby weight and my baby was almost 2! The first week I had Sam as my coach she gave me a meal plan and I followed it very strict and I lost 2 lbs. I was ecstatic I hadn’t seen the scale move in 2 whole years and in just a week it moved. I was so excited to move forward and continue with the plan she gave me since I knew right away it would give me results. Sam helped me transform myself in such a positive way that has given me so many more benefits than just the physical aspect. I have gained so much confidence in and out of the gym. I am proud of myself, I push myself on my hard day’s and don’t let myself slack. Sam has helped me to create a healthy lifestyle instead of just a diet. I can still go out to dinner with my friends or go to a birthday party and eat what I want while still making progress towards my goals. Anytime I needed a pick me up Sam was right there pushing me forward and getting excited with me when I made progress. She seriously is my cheerleader and it makes me so happy to have her support.

- Natalee B.


These last 16 weeks went by way too quick but have been life changing! I can’t thank you and Same Wallace Fitness for guiding me through this journey of transformation on so many different levels! Working with you gave me the tools and knowledge to build healthier habits so that I can become the best version of myself. What makes you stand out is the level of commitment you have to your clients in the ways that matter. You listen to them to truly build a fitness plan that is best for them rather than using a “one-size fits all” method and not to mention your understanding that a person’s head space is just as important as their physical well being! Your weekly check in calls seriously got me through some of the hardest weeks where you offered genuine care and support while teaching healthy methods to counter the tough days! I used to be terrified of going to the gym and would be so hard on myself for indulging, but because of this program, I learned to trust and love the process! You are an incredible coach, mentor, and friend! I look forward to taking all of these lessons learned to continue crushing my fitness and personal goals in the future!THANK YOU for being you!!

- Jen R.


When I was looking for a Coach I was extremely picky, I looked for years! I started following Sam awhile back and watched how consistent, positive, and motivating she was day in and day out. I was looking for someone who was authentic and someone who actually cared. I could probably write pages and pages of all the ways Sam has not only been an amazing Coach but a great friend. She cares, she’s consistent, she knows when your body needs to be pushed and when you need rest. She learns not only about your body but your brain and how to keep both functioning at the highest level. Sam and I have been working together since May and I can’t wait to kill the next 16 weeks with her! -Danii aka PITA #2

- Dani J.


Am very thankful of my support system…left side is me exactly 10 weeks ago…210 pounds and looking like #garbage right side… that’s me right now at 188! Hit my goal weight an entire two weeks early in fact. #Hardwork and dieting have paid massive dividends to my health and family right now. Can’t thank @Sophie_trophy92 enough for supporting me while being pregnant! And @samwallacefitness for being the best coach there is!! She has been kicking my ass and meal planning for me every week she is the best at this

- Alec M.


As a mommy of two that has been through two C sections, I was starting over completely with my body. I kept eating like crap and just sitting on the couch wondering if I would ever see myself again like I used to. I was a powerful D1 athlete that used to be the one motivating others but found myself in a rut after my pregnancies, where I couldn’t even motivate myself. I was so tired all the time so fatigued and kept saying no to Sam’s coaching because although I wanted it I couldn’t bring myself to actually do the work. When she told me that she would not give up on me and that we would be doing this together, I didn’t realize she would really stick to her word and literally be there with me, EVERY step of the way. More so Sam NEVER let me give up on my promise to myself. She pushed me everyday to eat right WITHOUT giving up the things I loved. Before I knew it (in the first week), I got my energy back to want to workout and prioritize my health. Her plans are challenging but are also so easy to follow. I thought it was going to be overwhelming but it was actually the opposite. Long story, short Sam is an incredible coach. You will get more than nutrition and training with her you will get that support you really need! You will also gain a best friend, because it’s not everyday you find a trainer that GENUINELY cares about you. She won’t let you give up on yourself and your goals and she will not let you waste your money.Thanks for giving me my life back Sam!

- Brittney M.


I feel compelled to write a review on behalf of Sam Wallace who has literally transformed my life with her phenomenal expertise in fitness and nutritional coaching. Sam is not just a coach, she is a counselor or as I like to call her, my therapist. Sam has a talent for helping you to dive deep into your innermost strengths, weaknesses, emotional food triggers, and personal goals. The aspect that helped me the most to stay focused and motivated is that Sam was there for me every step of the way, day or night she was there for questions, advice, and she was there to cheer me on throughout every challenge or success on a daily basis. Sam devotes endless hours to get to know YOU and what your needs are and then she customizes a plan that is right for you and your lifestyle. She genuinely cares about you and how you are feeling and doing throughout your program. I have never encountered a more dedicated, caring and experienced coach in the fitness or nutrition industry. I have never been so motivated and I never knew that I could really reach my goals until Sam’s continuous encouragement. Whatever a person’s fitness, health or weight loss goals are, I highly recommend that Sam is the Best in the industry!!

- Lisa W.


Sam has been incredible! Hands down the best coach, motivator, supporter, honestly even a great therapist at times. I love working with her because she truly cares and it shows in my results. Her behind the scenes work, hour phone calls, and constant adjustments to meal plans to fit what I want to eat (likes and dislikes) to ensure i’m successful in reaching my goal is something I didn’t think I could find. What sticks out the most though, is that she is ALWAYS available for me. I don’t have to wait until my check in to ask her my questions! Having a health coach does so much more for you then just achieving what you’re wanting your body to look like, she has helped me build self confidence, that I didn’t even know I lacked and taught me how to love my body in all of its stages. I love you for all of the though love you give and keeping me on track!.

- Bailey W.