Sam Wallace


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My name is Sam Wallace. I am a fitness professional and owner of Reform Fitness LLC, formerly known as Sam Wallace Fitness. Located in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. I am a certified personal trainer, certified corrective rehabilitation specialist, and nutrition certified through ISSA.

Reform Fitness LLC, was originally founded as Sam Wallace Fitness. Over the years our team has grown and the expansion of new coaches and registered dietitians have become necessary to fulfill the growing demand of our coaching services to our community! With growth comes change and I am ecstatic to announce our rebranding into Reform Fitness LLC.

I began my journey in the health and fitness community nearly twelve years ago. My journey began in the NPC bikini division where I competed for many years. During my time bodybuilding I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and underwent a surgery that changed my life and perspective on health. I knew that if I was struggling as a healthy individual, all I wanted to do was help others who wanted to regain their health as well. So I made it my mission to become a certified personal trainer and set out on a mission to help one person along the way take back their health and quality of life.

Fitness for me was not only a hobby, it changed my life. I knew that if fitness had had this positive of a transformation on my own life, that by sharing my story and fitness journey I could help inspire at least one person along the way to start their own.

I specialize in helping men and women transform their lifestyles through the RFRM Method. A hybrid training model that focuses on meeting you where you’re at right now and helping you grow from there. The focus of RFRM Method is to help each client create long term sustainability in their health and fitness goals.

I believe Fitness should never take away from your life. It should always integrate into it almost seamlessly. It’s about honoring ourselves daily through movement and mindfulness and enjoying the foods we love without missing out on the social moments that mean the most to us.

Life is meant to be lived and that is why our mission statement is “Where Health Meets Lifestyle”. We are privileged to have helped over 400+ men and women over the short last 4 years do exactly that! But we know, we aren’t done yet.

My team of coaches have been hand selected. All of our coaches are certified and diverse to help others grow in their unique and individualized needs. Check out our Registered Dietitian Nina Escobedo for more on her experience, specialty, and background through sports dietetics.

I look forward to getting the opportunity to help you in achieving your health and fitness goals!