Nina Escobedo

Hi! My name is Nina and I'm a Sports Performance Dietitian who grew up in San Diego, CA but currently resides in Oregon City, OR.

I grew up playing sports and have been an athlete my entire life. I played Division 1 water polo, and more recently competed nationally in both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. Competing as an athlete myself is where my love and passion for nutrition started. As a former athlete, I am able to relate to the clients I work with on a personal level and establish vital relationships to assist them in meeting their individual nutrition goals.

When I was in college, I didn't understand the importance my nutrition had on my performance, and boy did it show! I did not fuel properly and was constantly hungry, tired, and injured. I wasn’t able to be the athlete I knew I could be and I couldn’t figure out why.

Fast forward a few years, and two nutrition degrees later, I vowed as I became a dietitian to do everything I could to help my clients so they did not make the same mistakes I did. My goal is to teach YOU the importance proper nutrition has on your performance and life. I have had the opportunity to help hundreds over the last few years with Reform Fitness.

I have worked at the UFC with elite level mixed martial artists and have been a national level olympic weightlifter which has given me a great amount of experience working with weight class athletes. So, whether you are looking to work your way up or down to another weight class or need to make weight for a fight or meet, my goal is to safely and efficiently get you to where you need to be!

I have also worked at Texas Christian University with a wide variety of collegiate athletes and helped them find and enhance that missing nutrition component of sports performance. So if you are a current athlete or are transitioning/have transitioned out of this phase, I help teach you nutrition skills that will not only help with your performance but also your life, that you can use long after we are done working together.

If you are worried I only work with athletes, you couldn't be more wrong! I do work with athletes, but I also work with a ton of active individuals, whether you're into weightlifting or just working out to be healthy! No client is too big or small for me.

Why Work With A Dietitian?

There are many reasons people seek me out for help. Maybe you are crushing it during training but want that extra edge that will enhance your performance. Maybe you are sick of dieting and want to finally find food freedom. Maybe you are so busy with work and family, you need help planning when and what to eat around your busy schedule. Whatever the reason, I am here to help.

My Education and Training

Bachelor's of Science: Foods and Nutrition, San Diego State University, 2017
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN): Commission on Dietetic Registration, 2018
Master of Dietetic Administration (MDA): Utah State University, 2021



We focus on personal relationships with our clients at Reform Fitness. Which means you will be working closely with our in house Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainers for your health goals. You’ll have daily access and communication to our team so you are supported every step of the way!

  • Up to 5 nutrition templates monthly to your food preferences, limitations, dietary restrictions, and goals.
  • Custom calibrated macros / calories to each individual client.
  • Adjustments to macros and calories as needed to keep you tracking forward in your goals
  • Access to our personalized training app
  • Weekly Check In Call with our Reform Fitness Registered Dietitian or Certified Personal Trainers
  • Personalized training programs that go with you anywhere you go on your time and schedule
  • Access to our private client only FB community
  • Access to our weekly group coaching call focused on mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and group Q+A.

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