The Reform You Method

Where Health Meets Lifestyle

Reform Fitness specializes in helping clients integrate balanced training and nutrition regimens that fits YOUR life.

We understand that your life is yours which means your training, nutrition, and lifestyle regimen needs an individual approach.

We aim to help you discover what fitness needs to look like for your life.

What works for you may not work for your sister and that’s okay! Your journey, goals, nutrition preferences, and life are uniquely yours. Which is why we aim to help you create a lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating that compliments YOUR needs, preferences, wants, and aligns with what you want for your lifestyle.

We want you to have the education, knowledge, and confidence you need to maintain and reform daily habits, nutrition, and training so you can sustain your results long after our time together.

Look, you won’t have a coach or registered dietitian forever and we understand that, we aim to help you get from point a to point b without the bullshit fad diets, excessive expensive supplements, or hours of cardio and training. Fitness is here to enhance our lives, not take away from it. Let us help you learn how to make your fitness goals a sustainable reality

We go everywhere and anywhere life takes you right from your pocket.

We are a remote based training company making your workouts, nutrition, and coaching work for you anywhere at any time. We want your health and fitness to remain as accessible and integratable as possible without compromising access to your coaches. Train on your terms and learn how to integrate your nutrition from anywhere in the world. We understand life is busy. Let us make it a little easier on you.


The Reform You Method is a 3 phase approach that focuses on Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Training. We look at the full 360 picture of your life and help you integrate daily habits, routines, life skills, nutrition education, and training regimens that best support you to reform your lifestyle.

If you’ve tried fad diets, cookie cutter workout plans, programs that felt extremely restrictive, had unrealistic goals set that felt unobtainable (let's be honest they probably were), lost weight only to gain it right back, have struggled to build muscle, felt a lack of self confidence, guilt, restriction, or avoidance in your personal life / health and fitness goals, then this is the program for you.

Individualized Training App

Training that compliments your goals and integrates with your life. Remote online training allows you to take your workouts with you wherever you go. On your schedule and your time. With a custom program curated to your body's needs, limitations, and physical goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete you’ll find our personalized training app to be very user friendly. Workouts are a breeze to follow no matter your level of experience. There is a video demonstration for each exercise attached with the ability for you to track your weekly personal records. We take care of your sets and reps and all of the behind the scenes so you can focus on your training without the guesswork. Modifications for exercises are made for each individual client based on injuries and limitations with our certified personal trainers.

Nutrition is the core of what we do and our personalized training app integration makes your nutrition experience that much more hands-on of an approach with our team of coaches and registered dietitians. We are able to see your daily eating habits, weekly trends, and help you make adjustments / better decision making in your day to day eating through our personalized training app nutrition tracking integration.

Track your measurements, pictures, and weight all in one place through our personalized training app. See your trending progress throughout your journey.

1:1 accountability from our team of coaches to help you every step of the way. Our coaches have the ability to see your daily workouts, nutrition, and weekly check ins so we can best assist our clients with transparency, accountability, adjustments as needed, and guidance so you can continue tracking forward in your goals.

RFRM Lifestyle Focus

The number one mistake we noticed our clients were making before working with RFRM was that they would start these workout programs, hire coaches, or would pursue diets that didn’t support their life, likes, wants, and needs for long term success in their health and fitness goals. Each client's lifestyle is important and is the biggest portion of every health and fitness journey that is overlooked 98% of the time. Creating re-lapsed behavior in eating patterns and training regimens. When you think of your health and fitness we encourage everyone to look far into the future of their goals. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now, a year from now, or even 6 months from now? Because we want our clients to start thinking about the longevity of their goals so we can help bridge the gap in giving them the tools to break habits that are getting them here in the first place. If you don’t truly change the behavior, routine, and mindset approach to your goals, the chances of you achieving long term success are few and far between. So what do we help you get clear on?

  1. Your schedule. Having a clear schedule creates better time management and a birds eye view of how you can efficiently utilize your time. Learning what your schedule realistically allows you to accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This helps our clients prevent excuses like “ I don’t have time” or “ I forgot”. We focus on strategically placing workouts that work with your time and location. Preparation and placement of meal prep, and consistent daily meals, helping our clients gain back their confidence and ability to follow through on eating habits that work. To put more time back into your schedule so you can become truly present in the moments that mean the most to you, social outings, date nights, family nights, and your time.
  2. Second phase is creating more self awareness in our day to day habits. The more self awareness we create in daily decision making the easier it is for us to create new ones. Understanding WHY we are making decisions is key. Whether it’s stress and anxiety related decisions. Or emotional coping from past experiences, we will never place judgment. We want you to show up exactly where you are and we help you grow from there.
  3. Creating self love and acceptance in ourselves in every stage of our journey. We utilize a habit reformation workbook that allows you to work on every aspect of your life. Social circles, creating better relationships, family influence, social influence, intentional decision making and helping you learn how to help yourself. We provide hope and the tools to help you create a body and life you truly love and are present in.

RFRM Training Focus

Reform Fitness focuses on a unique 3 phase training and nutrition approach that helps you Reform your lifestyle and maintain your results long after your time with us. By focusing on these three components not only will clients increase their athletic performance but they will be able to achieve much greater results long term versus traditional strength training alone. Our training style is a bit unique but you do not need to be an advanced athlete to reap the benefits of our training. We work with beginners all the way up to pro level athletes. Women and men age 19-60. Mom’s, dad’s, grandparents, athletes, families, collegiate athletes, and professional level athletes. There is something here for everyone at every and any stage of your journey. We aim to help our clients feel confident in what they do while keeping safety and injury prevention at the forefront of every training program.

*Each need and training structure is determined on clients limitations, restrictions, needs, and capabilities. Our certified personal trainers are here to make modifications and adjustments to each client and their unique needs for the health of clients and injury prevention. Each phase is determined on clients needs and starting point will vary from each individual.*

*We can never guarantee the results each client will achieve or a timeline of when those results will be achieved as every journey is different.

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