Why Barbell Workouts Should Be A Staple In Your Training

I am a big fan of isolation workouts and utilizing dumbbells, plated machines, and cables as much as the next avid gym goer and coach. But if you are someone who is really wanting to add strength, balance, functionality, and really increase your isolation work with machines, dumbbells, and cables then adding in compound lift variations through barbell workouts are going to be a great choice in creating a stronger muscular and athletic base, while challenging your body in a very functional way.

Why Barbell Workouts?

barbell trainingThe reason why barbell training can be so beneficial is because it really forces you to create movement around a weight load that engages your joints, muscles, and really challenges your balance at the same time. The great thing about working with barbells is that you are able to really challenge your progressive overload in smaller or larger increments. Essentially we are looking to utilize the greatest amount of muscle mass through your body’s largest range of motion to help you increase your strength.

You’ve probably heard of the term the big four which is in reference to squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and overhead presses. These exercises are great for a few reasons.

You are utilizing multiple muscle groups at one time. Which can help you with saving time in the gym, instead of jumping from one exercise to another in dumbbells and cables.
You are able to increase your strength and athletic performance through these compound lifts.
Because you are performing a compound exercise you are able to increase your strength and power which will help you in all other areas of your training and stability. A great example of this would be a deadlift for instance. In a deadlift you are primarily working your legs, (now it’s dependent on what style of deadlift you are performing but lets say a Romanian deadlift for the purpose of this example) your primary muscle being targeted is your hamstrings. But your back muscles, hips, shoulders, core, and arms are being strengthened as well as they are helping you move the weight load at some point during this exercise. Whether it is stabilizing your body through your core, or driving through your hamstrings in your hinge. You can see we are activating multiple muscle groups at one time through the totality of this exercise.


If you are a more intermediate to advanced athlete feel free to try this leg day.

Creating a workout can be difficult, especially if you are new to working out. Building a workout routine really depends on where your starting point is and what your goals are. Workouts are not a one size fits all and finding what works best for you and your body, limitations, health, and enjoyment plays a big role in the construction of your workouts, splits, and specific exercises you need to be successful. With that being said, consulting with a certified and qualified professional is important to your health and safety, If you are not sure where to start you can book a free Discovery Call here https://rfrmfit.com/discovery/.


Sam Wallace

I am a fitness professional Located in Los Angeles, California. Fitness for me is not only a hobby, it changed my life.