What A New Site And Branding Mean To Sam Wallace Fitness

New site and branding

We are so excited to announce our official rebranding and website launch for SWF! We have started from scratch and rebuilt everything from the top down. Like goals of our health journeys, as a company, SWF is ever-evolving, learning, growing, and expanding to become the best versions of our own brand to best support you in your experiences through health and wellness.

All your fitness needs in one place

We’ve taken your feedback, asks, wants, and needs and we are here to deliver. Our new website will over time transform into an information and experience source for workouts, nutrition, weight lose, muscle building, motivation, education, advocacy, recipes, pro tips + tricks, and stories to build a trusted one-stop site to become the best version of yourself.

brandingYou won’t have to google your must asked questions and funnel down another rabbit hole again as we aim to provide you with the resources you need to keep you coming back again and again. We’re just getting started, please keep checking back and see what there is to discover!

With all that said, the SWF brand extends far past our logo and branding and is an extension of our own personal experiences through health and wellness. As our team has grown over the years, the theme we have found to be vital to success is in providing empathy, education, and personal testimonies from real life experience, and the ability to listen to the wants, needs, and struggles of each client that has stepped to the challenge. Through that, we have found a solution to each unique client situation help them build their dream healthy life.

What you will find in SWF is a personalized and interpersonal approach. If you want to read another boring health article you can google and find that. We aim to become your trusted resource for all of the education and personal experience, recommendations, and guidance you need in your health journey. From educational newsletters that don’t spam your inbox with useless information you have no interest in receiving, to articles exclusive to only rfrmfit.com that dive into your most asked questions without the BS google will feed you.

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We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our community and supporting our small business.

Sam Wallace


Sam Wallace

I am a fitness professional Located in Los Angeles, California. Fitness for me is not only a hobby, it changed my life.