How To Make Your Health And Fitness Work For Your Schedule

Lack of time in your week is not your issue when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. Time management is. Here is a simple process that has worked for our clients time and time again in making their workouts and nutrition work for them rather than against them. So you can focus on living a balanced lifestyle without compromising your health and fitness goals again!

Where to start?

I would recommend utilizing a scheduling app like Google Calendar or I Calender if you have apple products instead of utilizing a pen and paper method. The reason why, is there are many features that are available through digital calendars’ that can create better discipline, consistency, and accountability in your journey. The features we recommend our clients utilize is the reminders, recurring, and invitation section.

We recommend these for a few reasons but let’s first break down how to get started in mapping out your schedule.

Start by entering in your weekly recurring schedule. This would look like your Monday – Friday schedule for work. Your wake up time and bedtime. Your kid’s school schedule and sports schedule (if applicable). Be as thorough as possible. How long it takes you to get ready for work. How long it takes you to commute to work or kid pick up. The more detailed you are, the better time management you will have. Set this as a reoccurring event in your calendar.
Now you are going to go through and enter in your eating schedule for Monday – Friday. What time you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Start with your 3 main meals if you are inconsistent with eating three regular meals a day. If you are consistent in your three meals a day already add in 2 snacks. One after breakfast and one before dinner in the afternoon. If you have a post workout snack as one of those that would count too. Or add in in addition depending on what your dietary needs are. Set this as a recurring Monday – Friday in your calendar.
Now you are going to add in your workouts to your schedule. You should have a very clear visual of your week at this point. You should be able to assess what you are able to commit to in a week that is obtainable. Place and schedule appropriately when and where you know you are able to show up for them. You are now prioritizing movement in your schedule in a way that is attainable and realistic for you.
For the weekends. You will begin scheduling your weekends now that your Monday – Friday schedule is complete. The reason why we are focusing on the weekend last when building your schedule is because generally there are a lot of moving parts that are not within your schedule on a recurring basis. If you work weekends, adjust to fit what your schedule looks like for you and what would be considered your weekends.
Now that you have your schedule for your weekends you are going to assess your time and start scheduling in your weekend movement. PRO TIP: if you can not allocate time during the week for a workout you will modify your schedule to prioritize movement or workouts on the weekends. You will then place your meal prep into your weekend to set yourself up for a successful week ahead. Set those tasks as recurring in your schedule for the weekends.
Moving onto the entirety of the month. If you have events, travels, or things planned in advance you will go into your schedule and begin adding those in. Modifying and adjusting your workouts to fit your schedule on those weeks.
Set alarms on workouts and meals and any additional reminders you personally need to hold you accountable in reaching your goals.

It is important to be realistic about what you can handle in your daily and weekly schedule. Start lite and as you adjust to your routine and new way of scheduling you will be able to add or decrease items in your schedule to better fit your lifestyle. Managing our time is important to the success of your goals and overall lifestyle sustainability. Work smarter not harder when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals!


Sam Wallace

I am a fitness professional Located in Los Angeles, California. Fitness for me is not only a hobby, it changed my life.