Phase 1: Reform

Building Muscle

Phase 1: Reform is designed to help you establish a fail proof foundation in your nutrition and training.

Phase 1: Reform is the 1st phase of our Reform You Method. This phase is designed to help you get back to the basics and Reform your foundation in your nutrition and training. So you have the best possible outcome in building a lifestyle of health and fitness that is sustainable for you!

This program is the 1st 16 week phase of our 12 month Reform You Method. We understand working with a team of coaches for an extended period of time can feel daunting. Which is why we offer Phase 1: Reform as a stand alone program option.

This is the perfect program for all individuals looking to break free of diet culture and begin working towards their goals. What is unique about the Phase 1: Reform 16 week program, is that if you decide you like your time with us and want to continue working towards your goals together it is a seamless transition into Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Reform You Method so you don’t skip a beat in your training and nutrition.

If you find what you needed in Phase 1: Reform you are able to do so with out a long term commitment! It’s the perfect starter program for everyone!

How we do it

After consulting with each individual we assess your starting point in a bulk. We keep our clients all natural, fueling them with proper nutrients, macros tailored to each individual, and a training regimen that is going to compliment each clients individual goals for their body.

We focus on taking our clients through the basics and working them into a compound training focus with a mix of necessary deload weeks for injury prevention, muscle recovery, and greater muscle development. We adjust cardio as needed to help our clients maintain a leaner appearance through their building phase to help decrease body fat storage throughout this process. It is normal to hold body fat in this phase. An increase in weight by .5lbs to 1lb of lean muscle mass per week is what we aim for with each client.

Nutrition is the core of our process and we understand this is where individuals struggle the most. We help tailor your nutrition and macros with adjustments as needed to help you continue tracking forward in your goals. Our clients work hand in hand with our RFRM Registered Dietitian throughout their time with us. New meal plan templates monthly and a transition into a macro tracking approach, we ensure our clients receive a full 360 approach to their goals and lifestyle so they can hit the big goals they have in their health and fitness journey while enjoying the moments that mean the most to them.

How We Build Muscle


We focus on personal relationships with our clients at Reform Fitness. Which means you will be working closely with our in house Registered Dietitian for your nutrition needs. Our clients have daily access and communication to our coaches and Registered Dietitian so they are supported every step of the way. No one thrives when they are left to do it alone which is why open communication makes our team the right fit to your accountability needs.

  • Up to 5 nutrition templates monthly to your food preferences, limitations, dietary restrictions, and goals.
  • Custom calibrated macros / calories to each individual client.
  • Adjustments to macros and calories as needed to keep you tracking forward in your goals
  • Access to our personalized training app
  • Weekly Check In Call with our Reform Fitness Registered Dietitian
  • Weekly educational videos to help you in every stage of your nutrition journey
  • Access to our private client only FB community
  • Access to our weekly group coaching call focused on mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and group Q+A.
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